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G.R.O.W. Your Business.  A Coach Can Help You - Paper Back Book Door Delivered_G.R.O.W Your Business
G.R.O.W. Your Business.  A Coach Can Help You - Paper Back Book Door Delivered_G.R.O.W Your Business
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G.R.O.W. Your Business. A Coach Can Help You - Paper Back Book Door Delivered

G.R.O.W Your Business
G.R.O.W Your Business
G.R.O.W Your Business + Your Success Story in 30 D
Product Description

Dear Business Owner, This is a book written with you, a family business owner in mind. This is based on my experiences of coaching 5000+ businesses. Frequently Asked Questions about how to G.R.O.W your business and how a coach like me can help you. I promise you, it will transform your business. It is said, micro-changes can help achieve Macro Transformations. That micro change starts with this book.

HOW THIS BOOK CAN HELP YOU MAKE THE MICRO CHANGES? The world has changed, customers have changed. Today, the whole world is the new market opportunity. Do you want to G.R.O.W your businesses & become successful? Yes, it looks like a dream. Isn’t it? But dreaming is one thing, execution is another! Businesses need to adapt, change and move with the times. Earlier you tried again & again to succeed. But, now, you may or may not have the expertise or the time, to do it on your own. Help is available. It is low risk. It is called Coaching. This Coaching book is focused on 3 areas 1. What it takes to G.R.O.W your business 2. How a Coach can help you grow your business 3. Who is that Coaching Guru, who can help you grow your business? The Consumer is ready. Ready, steady & go get this book to help you G.R.O.W your business. Now! World is waiting.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Shivaram ‘Sir’ is a much sought-after Coach and Mentor to Professional & family retailers, manufacturers across India and abroad. He has worked with 5000+ businesses, trained 15,000+ staff. He established Retail Gurukul in 2012 as a boutique Coaching & Training company with the vision of helping businesses get “organized”. His clients include S, M, L, XL, XXL businesses. These are family, professional, public limited companies, government bodies, international organizations, manufacturers, trade bodies, etc. Earlier, he worked in Titan Watches & Tanishq Jewellery for 20+ years during which he handled multiple roles across Merchandising, Training, Sales, Supply Chain, Services etc. He is a man full of practical ideas and has helped introduced multiple profitable new initiatives. He is passionate about 5 Business Pillars – Planning, People- Customers, Product, Place and People-Staff. Inventory Optimization especially “non-moving-goldenfurniture” is his passion.

WANT TO G.R.O.W YOUR BUSINESS? How Can a Coach help you.. In this 27 chapters book we have discussed:- Part A Chapter 1: How is your business doing today? Chapter 2: The What and How of “Grow My Business” Chapter 3: Can I “Grow My Business” myself? Chapter 4: But I am so busy with my work that I hardly have any personal time. What can I do to “Grow My Business”? Chapter 5: How can I iron out the problems and G.R.O.W with Opportunities? Chapter 6: Dreaming, how will your business be in the future?

Part B Chapter 7: Why you may need an outsider’s help in your business? Chapter 8: What can this outsider do that I, the business owner, can’t? Chapter 9: How can I hire the right fit for my business? Chapter 10: 6 Most frequently asked questions about Coaching Chapter 11: The benefits and limitations of Coaching to improve performance? Chapter 12: What is the guarantee that Business Coaching really works, what if it fails? Chapter 13: How do you evaluate the effectiveness of Coaching and the 6 questions to ask a Coach before signing up? Chapter 14: Who is a Business Coach and what are the typical areas where a Coach can help me ? Chapter 15: Does the Coach have ready answers to all my problems? Chapter 16: Should I know about the Coach’s background and should I compare two coaches before I hire one? Chapter 17: Does it help to have a Coach who works with multiple types of businesses? And what about the personal integrity of the Coach? Chapter 18: Some Coaches get a commission for recommending a product/service. Is that a good or a bad thing? Chapter 19: How should we connect with a Business Coach when we are in different locations? Chapter 20: Do I need a Boss? Is a Coach a Boss?

Part C Chapter 21: I am convinced I need a Coach to G.R.O.W my business. I have heard of Shivaram. I want to know more about him. Chapter 22: How many clients has he worked with so far? Chapter 23: What are the areas where we can expect to get Coached? Chapter 24: What is the duration of a typical engagement with Shivaram? How does this work? Chapter 25: Are there any products or services he offers apart from his direct Coaching business owners? Chapter 26: What are the different areas in which Shivaram Sir offers consultation? Is my type of business included in his consulting? Chapter 27: Retail Gurukul’s G.R.O.W Model of Coaching


Bonus 1:- 121 Coaching Invitation

Most business owners have tried to solve business problems through family and friends.

But times have changed and you need professional help.

Just like you go to a CA or a Doctor for solving your accounting or health problems, a one 2 one private session with Shivaram Sir is a great way to explore your biggest pain point and if he can help you solve your problem.

Each such session booked separately is Rs.5,000 in value.

Buy the book & you get one free session for yourself. You can avail this within 30 days of receiving the book. This is a limited time offer.

Bonus 2:- Group Coaching Invitation

Every business has to manage 5 things.

  1. Planning
  2. Customer & Marketing
  3. Stock
  4. Finance &
  5. Staff departments to manage.

Shivaram Sir conducts fortnightly coaching calls as part of paid “G.R.O.W Your Business in 2021 Program”. Learn about a specific topic and then discuss problems and solutions. You will get one free invite worth a session in the next 30 days to benefit from a Coaching program. If you like to join the paid program, you will get an invitation thereafter.

This is a limited time offer, as the Zoom classes have a limited number of participants to provide a personal experience. Each such session booked separately is Rs.5,000 in value.

Bonus 3:- 90 Days Money-Back guarantee

Honestly, to the best of our knowledge, this kind of offer is for the first time in the world. Shivaram Sir is offering a money-back guarantee.

Shivaram Sir believes that a Personal Coach can truly help you G.R.O.W your business. Many an influential leader has coached him and he learnt from many coaches as well.

He has coached 5000+ businesses already. Clients have told him how they have benefited immensely.

So, he thought, how can more people can get the benefit of coaching?

So, he wrote this book with you in mind, rather than to earn “profits” from the sale of the book.

If you want to G.R.O.W your business, how can a Coach like Shivaram Sir help you?

3 Steps process to avail of the Money-Back Guarantee.

  1. Buy the book, 2. Attend both the free Coaching classes worth Rs. 10,000 and still not satisfied, ask for a refund within 90 days! We will refund a full 500 Rs. back to you and you still get to keep the book or give it away.

You don’t even need to even return the book.

Let us know if you have ever seen a money-back offer on a book purchase worth 10 X the value of the purchase?! We have a prize for you for that too!

In conclusion, you get Rs. 10,950 Rs worth of value from the book, 90 days to get benefited, and get 500 Rs back, if you want your money back.

This could be the best investment you will ever make in your life to G.R.O.W your business.

Buy now and G.R.O.W your business.

You are responsible more than ever for the growth of the business. Right? If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on 9632081405/ 9036036524 Contact Shivaram “Sir” to help you at https://linktr.ee/RetailGurukul

It is a 175 pages book. ( yes, people have asked me that too) !


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